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Running servers:

Game TypeAddress / PortStatus
Deathmatch * UT'99 * WEBA ISP Deathmatch
Dual * UT'99 * WEBA ISP Duel
Team Deathmatch * UT'99 * WEBA ISP Team Deathmatch
CTF * UT'99 * WEBA ISP Capture The Flag
Domination * UT'99 * WEBA ISP Domination
Assault * UT'99 * WEBA ISP Assault
In-game change map voting:
Using BDBMapVote mutator. At first connect key-mapping dialog must appear. By default [F8]. In key-bind window don't appear, run voting dialog by command:
mutate bdbmapvote votemenu
Manual setup for map-voting hotkey:
Open file ../UT99/System/User.ini in text-editor (notepad-like)
Find section [Engine.Input] and add key for bind to command:
Also your can vote against cheaters - it's will be kicked by consensus.

Server load info:
up 3 days
load average: 0.07, 0.12, 0.10
Memory: 531Mi / 2.0Gi
Net Rx/Tx: 5.1 GiB / 1.0 GiB

Server IPSET udp ban-list

UT-99 IP Bans